This section contains the API reference for Verify Payment API and the sample request code segments.

The following are the details associated with the Verify Payment API:


The Verify Payment API is used to verify the in-app product purchase before assigning the IAP product to the user.

Important Information

  • This API must be called from your app backend server.

Base URL

Request Path


Request Method


Request Header

publisherToken: 'your_publisherToken_here'
 Content-Type: 'application/json'

Publisher Token

The verifyPayment API uses the publisher token for authorization, which must be included in the request header.

To get the Publisher Token:

  • Visit nowStudio.
  • After logging in, click on Account Information on the top menu bar.

Request Body

The following params should be included within the request body with verifyPayment API:

     purchaseToken: <your_purchaseToken_here>,
     orderId: <your_orderId_here>

Purchase Token and Order ID

The purchaseToken and orderId are returned after a successful purchase. You can refer to the following reference documents for more information:

For Native Android –

For Unity –


Param Type Required Description
purchaseToken string Yes The purchaseToken associated with a purchase.
orderId string Yes The orderId associated with a purchase.

Expected Response

The following are the sample expected responses:

Success – True

  "data": {
    "currency": "USD",
    "orderAmount": "2.30",
    "orderId": "1-202205270828092444340093",
    "packageName": "123",
    "payStatusTxt": "Paid",
    "payTime": "1653640320",
    "payTimeTxt": "2022-05-27 08:32:00",
    "sellerGoodsId": "111222344"
  "success": true

Success – False

  "iap_error_code": 412,
  "iap_error_message": "No data found.",
  "payload": {
    "orderId": "1-2022052708285322094340093",
    "purchaseToken": "7FBBE2B14212DA597341D88D066BF56D",
    "timeZone": 0
  "success": false


Params Type Description
success boolean Returns result as True or False.
iap_error_code int Returns the iap_error_code:

  • 412 – No Data Found.
iap_error_message string Returns the iap_error_message associated with success or failure.

  • No Data Found (No data found for the provided PurchaseToken or OrderId.
orderId string The orderId associated with an in-app product purchase.
packageName string The packageName associated with your app.
orderAmount string The orderAmount of your purchase.
currency string The currency of the purchase. Examples – USD, INR, etc.
payTime string The payment time associated with the purchase.
payStatusTxt string Payment status as Paid or Unpaid.
payTimeTxt string Payment date and time associated with a purchase.
sellerGoodsId string The product Id which is associated with the purchased product.
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