This reference document contains the summary of In-app Billing API responses using the BillingClient construct.


public static abstract @interface BillingClient.BillingResponse 
      implements Annotation

Response Codes

The table below showcases the type, response codes, and description.

Type Code Description
int 0 Indicates Successful Operation
int 1 Indicates that the process was cancelled by the user or they pressed the back button
int 2 Indicates a network issue
int 3 This indicates that the Billing API version is not supported for the type requested
int 4 Indicates that the requested item is not available for purchase
int 5 Indicates multiple scenarios, mainly: i) invalid arguments provided to the API. ii) Setup issues within Billing Service. iii) Permission issues
int 6 Indicates a fatal error during execution
int 7 Indicates that the item is already owned, purchase failure
int 8 Indicates an issue where the item is not owned and hence cannot be consumed
int -1 The service is not connected at the moment. Possible reasons could be: i) Service maintenance ii) Application in a transient state.
int -2 This indicates that the requested feature is not supported by Billing Service on that specific device
int -3 This indicates that maximum timeouts have occurred, and the billing service hasn’t responded
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