Testing Integration

The previous section focused on now.gg Payments module Library Integration. This section focuses on testing this integration.

Testing Payments

Internal testing allows you to test the payments module integration with your app. You can add a test user to perform in-app purchases using the provided now.gg coins and test the complete purchase flow.

  • now.gg Payments service automatically detects a test user. As a test user, you do not have to spend real money to test in-app purchases.
  • While testing payments, only now.gg coins are accepted, while other payment methods will not work.
    • now.gg coins are free and are added as an option to test the payments.

1. Add a Test User

The following steps will help you add a test user account to test the payments module integration with your app/game:

  • Login to now.gg Developer Portal using your registered developer account.
  • Navigate to My Apps.
  • Click on View Details against the app you wish to test integration with.
  • Click on Internal Testing in the left sidebar.
  • Click on Add Tester.
    • Enter the email address associated with a now.gg account to be used for testing.
  • Click on Add.
  • An on-screen confirmation that ‘A tester has been added successfully’ will be displayed.

2. Test the Payment Flow on BlueStacks 5


  • BlueStacks 5 (BS5 App player)
  • Billing test service, BillingService.apkprovided in the download package.
  • Your game/app with now.gg Payments Integration.

To test Integration on BlueStacks 5 (BS5), you should:

  • Install the BillingService.apk provided in the download package by simply dragging and dropping the APK over the BlueStacks 5 App Player.
  • Add the test user account:
    • Navigate to Android Settings > Accounts > Add account.
    • Select now.gg.
    • Use the test user account to log in.
    • An on-screen confirmation that ‘Account has been added ’ will be displayed.
  • Install the app/game that you integrated with now.gg payments.
  • Launch your app/game and test the payment flow.

Test the Payments Flow

Now that your test environment is configured, you can test the payment flow with your app. You should test the purchase flow for a successful purchase and product delivery (entitlement) to the user.

  • While making payment for a purchase, utilize now.gg coins to pay and test the complete payment flow.
    • now.gg coins are free and are added as an option to test the payments.

Important Information

  • In-app purchases using now.gg coins will not be included in financial reports generated by the Billing Service.
  • IP addresses originating from Mainland China are blocked on the Payment API service.
  • Developers located in Mainland China should use either a VPN or a static IP address from another country/region, such as Hong Kong, on their test machines to test IAP purchases using now.gg Payments.

Demo App

We have also included a Demo APK in the download package.

  • You can install this app to understand the IAP payments flow using now.gg Payments.
  • The steps to install the Demo APK are identical to the steps to install your app (listed above).

Need Help?

Contact us at dev-support@now.gg, and we will be happy to assist you.

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Questions? Please reach out to us at dev-support@now.gg