Getting Started

This section explains the requirements for you to get started with

The game developers can integrate with SDK and deploy their games effortlessly to the Cloud. offers the following services and APIs:

  • Login
  • Payments (IAP)
  • Rewarded Ads
  • Shield
  • Embed
  • Utility
  • Wallet

We currently offer SDK for Native Android, Unity and Cocos platforms. Our developer documentation details the platform-specific integration processes for a simplified experience.

Get Started with

1. Plan your integration requires your app that meets the following requirements:

  • supports 64-bit Android apps for ARM.
  • For a seamless payment experience over nowCloud, we recommend using Payments with your app.
    • Mobile IAP services such as Google are incompatible with nowCloud.

2. Get a Developer Account

  • Create a developer account
    • Once your registration is approved, you will receive an email confirmation along with the login information for nowStudio.

3. Integrate the required services from SDK

Once you create a developer account, we will provide you with the SDK that you can use to integrate the following services:

  • Payments to enable in-app purchases (IAP) for apps/games on:
  • Rewarded Ads to serve your users with in-app rewarded ads for apps/games on:
  • Cloud Storage to save/restore users’ game progress data:
  • Shield to ensure a secure environment for your apps/games on:
  • Utility to get helper functions for your apps/games on:
  • Wallet to provide your users with a Gaming Wallet for apps/games on:

4. Prepare Your App Files

You must prepare your app files to add your app on nowStudio.

You can use the links below to:

5. Submit Your App

6. Other Requirements

  • App/game Maintenance and Upgrades
    • Provide us with app updates or upgrades as you roll them out to maintain a stable and secure user experience of your app on Cloud.

Need Help?

Write to us at, and we will be happy to assist.


Table of Contents

Getting Started

Table of Contents

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