launchBillingFlow | newBuilder

This reference document contains details, parameters, and usage of  launchBillingFlow, and  newBuilder methods.



    int launchBillingFlow (Activity activity, BillingFlowParams params)


The launchBillingFlow method initiates the billing flow for in-app purchases. Billing service will deliver the results using PurchasesUpdatedListener interface by utilizing setListener(PurchasesUpdatedListener)

Parameters Description Return
activity Billing flow will be launched using this activity reference  If the user already owns the item, the return value is 7. If the item is not available, the return value is 4. If the user cancels the purchase flow, the return value is 1.
params BillingFlowParams : Params specific to the launch billing flow request




    BillingClient.Builder newBuilder (Context context)


The newBuilder method is used to construct a new BillingClient.Builder instance.

Parameters Description Returns
context Gets context to bind to the Billing Service BillingClient.Builder


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