This reference document contains the details of Purchase class and its methods.

    public class Purchase extends Object 


Purchase is a part of class PurchasesResult and is used for in-app purchases.

Public Constructors


     Purchase (String jsonPurchaseInfo, String signature)

                            throws JSONException

Parameters Description Throws
jsonPurchaseInfo String jSONException
signature String

Public Methods

Description Usage
boolean equals(object o) boolean gg.now.billingclient.api.Purchase.equals (Object o)
String getOrderId() – Returns unique identifier for transaction String gg.now.billingclient.api.Purchase.getOrderId()
String getOriginalJson() – Returns a string in JSON, containing details of purchase order String gg.now.billingclient.api.Purchase.getOriginalJson()
String getPackageName() – Returns the application package from which the purchase originated String gg.now.billingclient.api.Purchase.getPackageName()
long getPurchaseTime() – Returns the time of purchase long gg.now.billingclient.api.Purchase.getPurchaseTime()
String getPurchaseToken() – Returns the unique identifier purchase token String gg.now.billingclient.api.Purchase.getPurchaseToken()
String getSignature() – Returns the string containing the purchase signature signed using developer’s private key String gg.now.billingclient.api.Purchase.getSignature()
String getSku() – Returns Product ID String gg.now.billingclient.api.Purchase.getSku()
int hashCode() int gg.now.billingclient.api.Purchase.hashCode()
boolean isAutoRenewing() boolean gg.now.billingclient.api.Purchase.isAutoRenewing()
String toString() String gg.now.billingclient.api.Purchase.toString()

Inherited Methods

Object clone()
boolean equals(Object arg0)
void finalize()
final Class<?> getClass()
int hashCode()
final void notify()
final void notifyAll()
String toString()
final void wait(long arg0, int arg1)
final void wait(long arg0)
final void wait()
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