This reference document contains the details of SkuDetails class and the corresponding public methods.


Contains SKU details of in-app purchase products.

    public class SkuDetails extends Object 

Public Constructor

    SkuDetails(String jsonSkuDetails)

Public Methods

Method Usage Description
equals boolean equals (Object o) Returns boolean
getDescription String getDescription() Returns the description of the product
getFreeTrialPeriod String getFreeTrailPeriod() Returns the Trial Period details
getIntroductoryPrice String getIntroductoryPrice() Return introductory price of a product, if specified
getIntroductoryPriceAmountMicros long getIntroductoryPriceAmountMicros() Returns introductory price in micro-units and Returns 0 if the SKU doesn’t have an introductory price or period specified
getIntroductoryPriceCycles int getIntroductoryPriceCycles() Returns billing periods associated with the introductory price, if any, else returns 0
getIntroductoryPricePeriod String getIntroductoryPricePeriod() Returns the billing period of the introductory price
getPrice String getPrice() Returns the formatted price of an item, including currency sign, excluding tax
getPriceAmountMicros long getPriceAmountMicros() Returns the price in micro-units
getPriceCurrencyCode String getPriceCurrencyCode() Returns the currency code for pricing
getSku String getSku() Returns the associated product ID
getTitle String getTitle() Returns the title of the product
getType String getType() Returns the SKU type
hashCode int hashCode() Returns the hash value
toString String toString() Returns a String
isRewarded boolean inRewarded() Returns true if SKU is rewarded and not paid for
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