Things To Remember

This section exclusively lists the important terms and guidelines to follow while integrating with Payments SDK.


  • Payments SDK, Billing Service, and Payments Service may have been used as interchangeable terms.
  • Depletable, non-depletable products are also referred to as consumable and non-consumable products/resources
  • Entitlement of content/product may also be referred to as delivery or allotment.

Purchase Verification

Purchase verification is an essential step within the purchase lifecycle. Payments SDK offers purchase verification using a Public key.

Consuming Purchases

The consumption of purchase refers to the processing of purchase and granting the entitlement of the product (product delivery) to the user.

  • The user can place multiple purchase orders for the same consumable product.
  • Please verify that the first purchase is consumed i.e., processed and delivered to the user, before processing a subsequent order/re-purchase of the product by the same user.

Non-consumable Products

To enable non-consumable products as in-app purchases, you will need to write an implementation for your app/game based on the following logic:

  • List the product for purchase to the user.
  • After the user makes a purchase, disable or hide the said product for that user.
    • Disabling or hiding the product will effectively limit the purchase to once per user, making it a non-consumable product.

Purchase Callback Implementation

If you wish to implement a callback with the purchase flow, you can do so. The following steps will help you set up a callback:

  • Refer to the initiatePurchaseFlow method within
  • Locate .setDeveloperPayload(string), where string should be replaced with a string you wish to pass during purchase. Example: setDeveloperPayload(123sf456).
  • This string will be passed back to onPurchasesUpdated.

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