This reference document contains the details of BillingFlowParams and the corresponding public method.

    public class BillingFlowParams
    extends Object



BillingFlowParams contains the parameters to initiate the purchase flow with launchBillingFlow(Activity, BillingFlowParams)

Public Methods

Type Public Method Usage Description
String getOldSku() String getOldSku() Returns a String value of the SKU details that the user is upgrading to or
downgrading from.
Int getReplaceSkusProrationMode() int getReplaceSkusProrationMode() Returns a integer Value containing the BillingFlowParams.ProrationMode SKU
String getSku() String getSku() Return a String value containing the details of SKU that is being purchased,
upgraded, or downgraded by the user
String getSkuDetails() String getSkuDetails() Returns a String with complete details of the SKU for a purchase
String getSkuType() String getSkuType() Returns a String with SkuType of the item being purchased
Boolean getVrPurchaseFlow() boolean getVrPurchaseFlow() Returns an optional flag indicating whether you wish to launch a VR purchase
Boolean hasExtraParams() boolean hasExtraParams() Returns a value indicating whether it has optional parameters for a custom purchase flow
Static newBuilder() BillingFlowParams.Builder newbuilder() Constructs a new Builder instance with BillingFlowParams
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