now.gg cloud-gaming platform features a Payments service that can be integrated to enable in-app purchases for Android games running on the now.gg cloud-gaming platform. This service provides a seamless channel to sell digital content as in-app purchases and supports multiple product types and purchase cycles.

Following type of product and purchase cycles are supported by the now.gg billing service:

  • A One-time depletable product is a product that the user utilizes to get in-app content. These are consumable resources that can be purchased by the user again. An example of a depletable product is the in-game currency.
  • A One-time non-depletable product is a product that is purchased only once to provide a permanent benefit. These are non-consumable resources. Examples include premium upgrades and level packs.
  • Subscriptions (coming soon): A subscription is a product that provides access to content on a recurring basis. Subscriptions renew automatically until they’re cancelled. Examples of subscriptions include access to online magazines and music streaming services.
Questions? Please reach out to us at dev-support@now.gg