nowStudio Traffic dashboard enables you to boost traffic for your game with custom apps, mini-games, and community encouragement options.

Using the traffic dashboard, you can configure:

Custom Apps

Using this section, you can add custom apps for popular social channels to boost traffic and increase engagement for your game.

With nowStudio, you can add a custom app for:

  • Discord
  • Telegram (Coming Soon)
  • Line (Coming Soon)


Add a custom app for Discord, enabling users to access your game, Webshop, and more directly from Discord.

To add a custom app for Discord:

  • On the Discord app option,
  • Click on Configure App, as shown below:
  • You can now configure your Discord custom app.

To configure your Discord app:

  • Provide App Information
    • Upload App Image (specifications below)
        • Dimensions – 512 x 512px
        • Image format – .JPG, .JPEG, .PNG
        • Maximum size – 10 Mb
    • Provide App Name
    • Write your App Description
  • Click on Save.
    You can configure GameEmote for your Discord app in the next step.

Configure GameEmote

GameEmote is an interactive way to engage users by enabling the use of custom emotes for your game using the Discord community server.

Using GameEmotes
You can upload game images, which can be GIFs or other images, that can be linked to a certain emotion using the provided flow. These GameEmotes can then be used inside Discord chat by the user using the /emote command.

To enable GameEmotes:

  • Click on the GameEmote section, as shown below:
  • To enable GameEmote:
    • Toggle the Enable Discord GameEmote setting to Yes.
    • The GameEmote section will be enabled, as shown below:
    • Pick an emotion by clicking on the text box in front of /emote, as shown below:
    • After selecting a GameEmote, click on Upload, as shown below:
    • Once the image file is uploaded, click on Add emotion, as shown below:
    • Your uploaded file will be displayed in the Uploaded Emotions section, as shown below:
    • Any emotions that you add here can be accessed on Discord using the/emote command.
    • Click on Save.
  • Your custom app will be submitted for review, and you will receive an email confirmation that your custom app has been added on nowStudio.
  • Once verified, you will receive an email with an invite link for your custom app.
    • This invite link will also be visible on the Discord app page in the top-right corner, as shown below:
  • You can copy the invite link and start using it.

Supported Commands

The following are the supported commands that can be used to trigger a functionality from Discord chat:

  • /emote – Used to invoke a GameEmote.
    • Usage example /emote
      This command will present you with the available GameEmotes to select from. E.g. type: happy.
  • /play – Provides the game’s play link.
    • Usage example – /play
  • /shop – Provides the game’s Webshop link.
    • Usage example – /shop

Important Information

  • The supported image specifications are:
    • Dimensions – 512 x 512px
    • Image format – .GIF,.JPG,.JPEG,.PNG
    • Maximum size – 10 Mb


nowStudio offers a community dashboard that enables you to foster community growth by adding your game-specific subreddits and Twitter handles to boost traffic and engagement.

Community Encouragement

To configure community encouragement, you can add:

  • Reddit Communities
  • Twitter Handles

Reddit Communities

  • You can add relevant Reddits and subreddits, as shown below:
  • Type the subreddit name and click on the Accept Icon, as shown above.
  • After you are finished adding the communities, click on Save.

Twitter Handles

  • Add relevant Twitter handles for your game, influencers, or community, as shown below
  • Click on the Accept Icon, as shown above.
  • After you are finished adding the Twitter handles, click on Save.


Users can easily record and share gameplay videos without third-party tools or integration, which effectively enhances user engagement and retention.

To know more about how in-game recording works:

  • You can play the provided video walkthrough on nowStudio.


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