Testing Integration

After you have integrated the now.gg Login with your app; you can use the steps listed here to test this integration.


  • BlueStacks 5 (BS5 App player).
  • Your app with now.gg Login integration.

To test now.gg Login integration

  • Install BlueStacks 5 App Player on your test machine.
  • Add the now.gg account:
    • Navigate to Android Settings > Accounts
    • Select Add account
    • Select now.gg
    • Use your now.gg account (Facebook/Google/Discord) username and password to log in.
    • An on-screen confirmation ‘Account has been added’ will be displayed
  • Install your app with the ‘now.gg Login’ integration.
  • Launch your app.
  • Depending on how you have configured your app, the app will either:
    • Show a ‘now.gg Login button’ or,
    • Perform a ‘silent login’ using the now.gg account you added earlier.

Demo App

We have also included a demo app APK within the download package for your reference.

  • You can install this APK to better understand the now.gg Login flow.
  • The steps to install the demo app are identical to those mentioned above.

Need Help?

Contact us at dev-support@now.gg, and we will be happy to assist you.

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Questions? Please reach out to us at dev-support@now.gg