Demo Project

This section contains the demo project associated with the Login. Login for Unity

We have included a Demo project and Demo App within the download package.

Click here for SDK Download page.

The demo project includes the following:

  • NowGGBillingService.apk
  • NowGGPaymentsLoginDemo.apk
  • Code
    You can open this project in Unity and access the sample code for Login.

Demo App

You can install the demo app to observe and understand the Login flow.

To install the demo app:

  • Download and install the BlueStacks 5 App Player.
  • Add the account:
    • Navigate to Android Settings > Accounts.
    • Select Add Account.
    • Select
    • Use your account (Facebook/Google/Discord) username and password to log in.
    • An on-screen confirmation ‘Account has been added’ will be displayed.
  • Install the demo app NowGGPaymentsLoginDemo.apk provided in the Demos\PaymentsLogin directory of the download package.

Note: You can install the APK by dragging and dropping it on the BlueStacks 5 App Player.

Demo Scene

  • Within the download package, browse to Demos\PaymentsLogin\ directory.
  • Open the scene PaymentsDemoScene.unity from the Code\Assets\Scenes\ directory in your Project panel.
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