This section focuses on the workflow associated with the Shield Module.

The workflow below illustrates the outcome that a Game can only be played on the BlueStacks App Player, and it cannot be played on any other emulators/app players.

  • The Game will call the BlueStacks App Player Shield Module on-demand to get the session token using a security token.
  • The App Player Shield Module will call the BlueStacks backend to generate a session token.
  • BlueStacks backend will return the session token to the BlueStacks App Player.
  • The App Player will return the session token to the Game.
  • The game will send this session token to its game backend for verification.
  • The game backend will validate this session token with BlueStacks backend using the Validate Session Token API and send the response back to the game.
    • If the session token is valid, the game will start.
    • If the session token is invalid, the game will throw an error.

Shield Module for Unity

If your game is based on Unity, please follow this integration guide.

Important Information

  • Each session token is for one-time use only, i.e. it can be used/validated only once.
  • The session token is only valid for 5 minutes and will timeout after that.
  • Click here to access the sequence flow diagram for the Shield Module.
  • Depending on your requirement, if you wish to lock your game to a single instance or disable Macros, please email us at
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