Testing Integration

The previous section focused on integrating the now.gg Shield Module. This section focuses on testing this integration.

Now that you have integrated with now.gg Shield Module, you must test this integration.


  • BlueStacks 5 (BS5 App player).
  • Your game/app with now.gg Shield module Integration.

To test your integration:

  • Install BlueStacks 5 App Player on your test machine.
  • Install your app with ‘Shield Module’ integration by dragging and dropping the APK over the BlueStacks 5 App Player.
  • Launch your app.
  • Based on the intended app behaviour for your app:
    • Your app should continue its flow after the sessionToken gets validated by the BlueStacks backend.
  • If you install your app with the Shield module integration on any other emulator:
    • Your app should not continue its flow as the sessionToken will not be validated by the BlueStacks backend.

Need Help?

Contact us at dev-support@now.gg, and we will be happy to help.

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Questions? Please reach out to us at dev-support@now.gg