Demo Project

This section showcases a demo HTML page for the Embed SDK, and explains the end-to-end flow associated with the Embed SDK.

Please go through the Embed SDK demo by following the steps below:

  • Click here to launch Embed SDK Demo
  • The Embed demo showcases:
  • App Launch Data
    • If you wish to add any appLaunchData with launch intent:
    • Click on the + button.
    • You can provide your input through the Key and Value fields.
  • SDK Init
    • Click on the Initialize Embed SDK button to initialize the SDK and launch the cloud game.
    • The initialization events are captured by sdkEventCallback, as shown below.
    • After successful initialization, the embedded game starts running, as shown below:
  • Send Data from Unity to HTML(web client)
    • Open Link
      • The open link button will open the provided link in a new tab.
    • Browser Event
      • The browser event button will send the data from Unity to the HTML page, which you can handle as per your implementation.
      • The App events are captured by the appEventCallback function, as shown below:


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