Set up Cloud Storage

This section focuses on setting up the Cloud storage used to save and restore the user’s game progress data by defining the save file path(s) and excluded file path(s).

Defining the ‘Save’ and ‘Excluded’ file path(s) is an essential practice that reduces the game’s loading time to enhance the user experience and ensure optimal usage of Cloud storage.

To set up the cloud storage, you should specify the following:

  • Save file path(s)
    Indicates the location of files or folders which should be saved on the cloud.
  • Excluded file path(s)
    Indicates the location of files and folders which you do not want to save on the cloud.

Configuring File Paths

You can configure this setting for any new app that you submit to In case your app is already submitted and published, you will need to submit a new version of your app.

To configure the file paths:

  • Log in to the Developer Portal.
  • Add a new app or submit a new version.
    • Follow the instructions here to add a new app, or
    • Submit a new version of your app.
      • Once you select your app from ‘My Apps’
      • Click on ‘New Version’ on the left sidebar
      • Select the first option, ‘Update assets, title, description, or regions information,’ and click on Submit.
  • On the ‘APK file’ tab:
    • Select the Optimize Cloud Storage option among other APIs that you may have integrated with your app/game.
    • Click on Save, which will enable the ‘File Path’ tab.
  • On the ‘File Path’ tab, mention the Save File Path(s) and the Excluded File Path(s)
    • If you have multiple file paths, separate each of them with a new line instead of spaces or commas.
    • For save file paths, only the files and folders you specify will be saved and restored for the next user session.
    • For excluded file paths, the files and folders you specify will not be saved on the cloud.
    • Click on Save.
  • Click on Submit App.

Important Information

  • The game’s loading time depends on the size of game data to be restored for the user session.
    • For a seamless app experience, we recommend an ideal save file(s) size of up to 5 MB. However, save file(s) of up to 10 MB are also acceptable.
      • The file size recommendation applies to a single file or the combined size of multiple files.
    • Including larger file(s) may impact the game’s loading time.
  • We recommend avoiding the usage of any Android identifiers, such as Android id, within the app for a better experience.
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