Partner Requirements

This section explains the requirements for you to get started with Cloud SDKs and APIs.

1. Provide us with an HTML5 or Android Build of your App

  • A 32-bit or 64-bit Android built for ARM APK.
  • Supported on Android Nougat OS 7.0.
  • To ensure successful in-app purchases on Cloud, you must remove other conventional IAP services from your app/game.
  • Other login methods, such as Facebook and Google, must be removed from the app/game, as these might create usability issues in a Cloud-based environment.
  • Landscape or Portrait orientation is supported.
  • We recommend having a package name on that is different from the package names you might have used on other publishing platforms.

2. Get a Developer Account

3. Integrate SDKs and APIs

Once you create a developer account, we will provide you with our SDKs that you can integrate to support the following requirements:

  • Integrate with Payments SDK to enable in-app purchases
  • Set up Cloud Storage
    • If you need to save/restore game progress data, specify the directory locations(s) you wish to save on the cloud. This will reduce the game’s loading time to enhance user experience and ensure optimal usage of the cloud storage. Read more
  • Integrate with Rewarded Ads SDK to serve your users with in-app rewarded ads

4. Add Your App

5. Other Requirements

  • App/game Maintenance and Upgrades
    • Provide us with app updates or upgrades as you roll them out to maintain a stable and secure user experience of your app on Cloud

Need Help?

Write to us at, and we will be happy to assist.

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