Create and Configure Products

This section focuses on creating and configuring IAP products for your app/game.

Create Price Template

The Price Template defines and stores the price of different IAP products you create. Payments SDK supports:

  • Consumable and Non-consumable products
  • Subscription products (coming soon)

To create a price template:

  • Use your developer account to log in to the Developer Portal
  • Navigate to the price template section using the top navigation bar
  • Click on the ‘Create Template’ button
    • Enter a name for your price template
    • Specify a default price in ($) – USD (Automatic currency conversion is carried out at the backend for other countries)
  • Click on Create Template
  • Modify Country/Region-specific prices
    • Go through the list of countries/regions
    • Click on the ‘edit icon’ in front of the country/region you wish to edit
    • Enter the price manually
    • Click on the check icon against the country
    • Click on Save


  • Local prices for your products are calculated using the default price you provided and the exchange rates at the time of price template creation.
  • You can configure your price template to use different prices for different countries/currencies within the details of your price template.
  • The default price for your IAP products should include any applicable taxes.
  • Taxes are included in the final price/list price displayed to the end users.

Add IAP Products

To add IAP products that you wish to list in your game/app for the users to purchase:

After logging in to the Developer Portal:

  • Navigate to My Apps
  • Navigate to the In-App Products section
  • Click on ‘Add New In-app Product’
  • Enter Product Details:
    • Product ID
    • Display Title
    • Description
  • Select Default Pricing (Price Template)
    • Use the drop-down menu to:
      • Select a previously created price template, or
      • Create a new price template
  • Click on Save


  • Price templates can be reused across multiple apps that you add.

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